Here we have some work-in-progress screenshots in varying states of completion. Whether any of these make it into the final game is to be determined.

October 2017
Marty's place Looks like your perfectly ordinary bathroom...
... or not. Brother's bedroom"
Bedroom with VHS FX" Second floor hallway with a bit too much VHS FX"
A park attraction" Looking up a the treehouse"
July 2017
The clown The siblings"
Looking up a the treehouse"
June 2017
Menu Screen Test" Inside the culvert"
Outside the culvert" The spooky cemetery"
May 2017
The Haunted Mansion Entrance"
April 2017
A first look into the "Screampark" The hero's home in suburban America
The Aquarium
February 2017
Brother's Room Dad's Office
January 2017
Kid's Room