Easter Update

First up: Gotta say, I’m terrible at this blogging thing. Really need to force myself to update on a more regular basis! Since my last post I’ve managed to find some time to create several new background scenes that I’d like to show here today.

The first one is an opening shot that shows the protagonist’s home somewhere in suburban America. I reckon I’ve captured that early 90s feel pretty well in this one:

The protagonist's home in suburban America

The next image is my first look into the actual “Screampark”. Still some visible grain and noise from the rendering, guess I’ll have to redo that. It’s not too bad seeing as the render times are fairly reasonable due to the very low resolution of the images. The composition and scenery could probably use some more polish. But I’m mostly experimenting with the color grading here to really capture that cheesy horror movie feel:

A first look at what the inside of the Screampark might look like...

Inventory Screen

This afternoon I was experimenting with the GUI for inventory a bit. Originally I’d planned to go with a Gameboy as the inventory screen, but unfortunately that didn’t work out too well due to its harsh constraints in color and resolution. The game itself is at such a low resolution that it clashed quite badly with the Gameboy’s even lower resolution. So instead I’ve opted for a custom hodgepodge of 90s computer interfaces: A bit of Windows 95 with a heavy dose of NeXTSTEP in there as well:

Experimenting with the Inventory screen

As for the engine, I haven’t been doing much on that front lately. My main focus was on prototyping graphical assets to make absolutely sure I can pull this off… nothing worse than having developed the perfect game engine only to realize that your assets just won’t be able to keep up with the images in your mind!